Tile Me Pretty

One of my favorite things to do is shop the Bric-a-Brac section at thrift stores.  I am ecstatic when I find a discarded piece of unique pottery, a simple vase,  or a set of vintage place mats.

tile coaster crafts

Recently, I found this set of tiles – each one only $0.99 and in the same shade of aquamarine blue that we use as an accent color in our living room.  As I looked at them, I thought they would make terrific coasters, with a bit of modification.

I stopped at Michael’s to pick up an 8×10 piece of dark brown felt (our coffee table is  a walnut brown, so thought it would be good to go with a darker color so the felt wouldn’t be noticeable) for only $0.29.

Here’s what you do:

tile coaster crafts

  • Cut felt to match the measurements of the underside of tile.  I stayed a few millimeters short of the edge so the felt would be hidden.  In this case, my felt pieces were 4 1/8″ and my tiles were 4 1/4″.
  • Use a hot glue gun to secure the felt to the tile.   I started by securing the middle first, then glued the edges, one long corner at a time.  Stay near the edge of the tile so the felt is completely secured without any gaps.
    tile coaster crafts
  • Trim away any excess glue  and VOILA! instant coaster! Use them as a household decoration for yourself, or make a chic and homemade housewarming gift for a friend.

Tip: You could also use thin cork matting as a backing.  Felt was less expensive and, I found, adapted to the ridges of the tile better.

Cost: $4.50 for a set our four coasters! Now that is a thrifty craft!