Eco-friendly crafting

On a recent trip home, I read an article in an in-flight magazine about hosting a party with nothing but items from the 99 cent store….a thrifty crafter’s dream!  The author mentioned creating “green” decorations – adorable, repurposed trinkets made from things you wouldn’t normally think of as particularly pretty or chic.

My husband and I hosted a grilled pizza dinner party recently and I was inspired to create casually chic vases for table decor.  We used canned olives and artichokes as toppings for our pizzas, and I used the empty tin cans, wrapped in natural twine as vessels for gorgeous, white lisianthus.

eco friendly twine can craft


  • Twine
  • Clean tin can
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors

eco friendly twine can craft


Remove label, wash and thoroughly dry your tin cans.  Cover your work surface with newspaper to protect from excess spray.  Mentally divide can by thirds (to prevent premature drying) and apply an even thickness of spray adhesive around the first third.  Tightly wrap the twine, starting from the upper edge, being careful to place each wrap as close as possible to the last.  Spray the middle third and repeat.  Finally, spray the final third and snip the twine, hiding the end.  So easy and so eco-chic!

eco friendly twine can craft