12 Days of Christmas Crafts and Recipes: twine greeting card display

Running out of room on your fireplace mantel, or just looking for a new way to display the holiday well-wishes from your nearest and dearest? Try this frame made of only twine and push pins to create a focal point for all of your lovely greeting cards.  Shaped like a tree itself, this spirited display lends even more festivity to your holiday decor.

christmas card holder display DIY twine tree easy craft

All you need:

  • jute twine
  • push pins
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • twine or yarn or twisty ties to fasten your cards

Here’s what you do:

christmas card holder display DIY twine tree easy craft

  1. Start with the trunk of the tree and create a loop at the free end of your twine.  Use push pin to secure in place.
  2. Place another push pin to mark the apex of your tree, loop and knot twine twine, cut and secure.
  3. Place third and fourth pushpins to mark the base of your tree.  Starting with a new loop at the apex, wrap around one corner, pull taut and wrap second corner, finishing at the apex.
  4. Loop and knot free end of twine and secure.
  5. Use a hole punch at the top of your cards and use twine, yarn or twisty ties to secure to twine tree.
    christmas card holder easy twine push pins craft holiday decorations

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