12 Days of Christmas Crafts and Recipes: Trader Joe’s wrapping paper

trader joes wrapping paper christmas gift reusable brown paper bag

Shopped at Trader Joe’s lately and noticed their holiday paper bags? Gorgeous white winter illustrations on brown paper bags inspired me to reuse them as a decorative band on my smaller Christmas gifts this year.  Add some simple red embroidery thread and you’ve got yourself a pretty, environmentally friendly wrapped present without lots of fuss!

Here’s what you need:

trader joes brown reusable paper bag christmas gift wrapping

  • Trader Joe’s holiday brown paper bag
  • scissors
  • iron and ironing board
  • red embroidery thread (or some other decorative ribbon)
  • tape
  • gift box

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut out graphics from bag in wide columns.  Fold edge over and iron flat.
    trader joes brown reusable paper bag christmas gift wrapping
  2. Wrap band around gift box, securing with tape.  If you box is too large, use pieces from the bag to piece together the back (no one will see it).
  3. Use embroidery thread to add a bow.  Embellish with a written gift tag.
trader joes brown reusable paper bag christmas gift wrapping

Thrifty Tip: I was able to decorate three lingerie-sized gift boxes using only one bag!

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  • Lori posted: 12 Dec at 4:21 pm

    Wow. Fun idea and they look really pretty. I think I have a few TJ’s bags around the house.

  • Joanna posted: 16 Nov at 1:55 pm


    I love it. I took liberty of reposting this at my blog.
    you can find it here. I sure hope you don’t mind. If you want me to take it off I will just let me know.
    I love your other ideas and I am adding you to my “Follow” list. Thank you for taking the time to be creative and even more the time to share it.
    Happy holidays

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